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   "Above Board"

   T-Trak Leveling

A new system that allows T-Trak Module leveling from the top of the modules.

   We received a request for a better system of leveling T-Trak modules.  This request resulted in our "Above Board" Screw Sets and Installation Kit.

   Most existing T-Trak leveling screws are tedious, time consuming and difficult to adjust.  The “Above Board” Leveling allows T-Trak module height to be adjusted quickly and easily from above the module.  

  • "Above Board"screws fit the standard ¼-20 T-nuts used on T-Trak modules.

  • Modules are easy to convert in about an hour.  (Our Div-10 group converted 18 modules in about 2-1/2 hrs.)

  • Screw heads remain below top surface of module/scenery.

  • “Above Board” screws resist getting out of adjustment.

  • Nylon feet protect tabletop surfaces.

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