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Welcome to Coffman Graphic Solutions.

Thank you for visiting Coffman Graphic Solutions Co., home of The Right Clamp and The Splice Clamp.  We are a family run small business started in 1999.  All of our products are made with care, here in the USA, by modelers, for modelers.  We have three lines of products:
Standard Right Clamps are for holding items at 90 degrees for gluing.
Combo Right Clamps have a versatile "combination" of extra features for soldering and gluing.
Splice Clamps are for stack clamping or holding items end to end or edge to edge for gluing.
We have no minimum order size and ship world wide.

Coffman Truck Caliper

Allows precise measurement of HO truck frames for proper axle/wheel set selection.

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Five different Coffman Truck Calipers now available for use in 7 truck scales.

Left to right: "N" Scale, "HOn3" Scale, "HO" & "Sn3" Scales, "S" & "On3" Scales and "O" Scale.

Since introducing our Coffman HO Truck Caliper we have had requests to produce them for other scales.  Now they are available in 5 sizes for measuring a wide variety of truck sizes.  Please check them out in the product section.