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Welcome to Coffman Graphic Solutions.

Thank you for visiting Coffman Graphic Solutions Co., home of The Right Clamp and The Splice Clamp.  We are a family run small business started in 1999.  All of our products are made with care, here in the USA, by modelers, for modelers.  We have three lines of products:
Standard Right Clamps are for holding items at 90 degrees for gluing.
Combo Right Clamps have a versatile "combination" of extra features for soldering and gluing.
Splice Clamps are for stack clamping or holding items end to end or edge to edge for gluing.
We have no minimum order size and ship world wide.

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The versatile Mini Combo Right Clamp

The photo shows brass wire held for soldering.  Two small pairs of "V" Grooves in Base Angle assist in securing wire, round stock or other materials at 90 degrees.

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About our Right and Splice Clamps:

Our versatile tools greatly assist with many types of modeling projects.

  • Compact, light weight, metal construction holds parts gently but firmly.

  • End Screws easily adjust Jaw for part thickness.  

  • Access Notches allow glue to be applied to inside or back side of joint.

  • Rubber Clamping Pads protect delicate surfaces of parts.

  • Combo Clamps have Silicone Rubber Pads for soldering.

  • Combo Clamps can be held in a vice for hands free work.

  • Combo Clamps have milled grooves to help hold wire and round stock securely.

  • Combo Clamps have open ended notch at clamp end for bolding structural shapes.

  • Combo Clamps have Thumb Nuts on End Screws for easier thickness adjustment.

  • Long Combo Clamps have Milled Relief clearance for corner reinforcement.

  • Patented design: Patent 6318712     Made in the USA

  • Satisfaction guaranteed

  • Please visit our Online Store for information and specifications on our unique line of tools.

Some Clamp Terms to remember:

  • Mid Screws:  Screws with Brass Thumb Nuts for tightening clamp

  • End Screws:  Screws near end of clamp to adjust for part thickness

  • Base (angle or bar):  Main aluminum piece that parts are clamped against

  • Clamping Tube:  Brass tube with Rubber Pad for clamping parts

  • Clamping Pad:  Pad glued to brass Clamping Tube as a protective cushion

  • Access Notch:  Openings in aluminum base for gluing or soldering access

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Instructions and Hints for Right and Splice Clamps

  1. HINT:  Before starting, be sure your parts are clean so glue or solder will take properly.

  2. Loosen the brass thumb nuts on the Mid Screws

  3. The End Screws act as rotating studs for adjusting the nut captivated in the end of the brass Clamping Tube.

  4. Rotate (loosen) the End Screws to roughly adjust for the thickness of the parts to be clamped.

  5. HINT:  The screws turn easily with your bare fingers but a hand held Phillips #1 driver bit can be helpful.

  6. Insert your first part between the aluminum Base and the Clamping Tube’s Rubber Pad.  Hold in place between your thumb and forefinger.

  7. HINT:  Most 90 deg. joints will have one part overlapping the end of the other part. Putting in the overlapping part first allows the second part to butt up against the first saving some adjustment steps.

  8. Adjust the End Screw so that the Clamping Tube aligns with the part evenly along the length of the rubber pad.

  9. Snug down the Brass Thumb Nut on the first part.

  10. Repeat steps 4, 5 & 6 for the second part.

  11. Re-Adjust parts as needed for perfect joint.

  12. HINT:  Sometimes parts are warped or the Clamping Pad comes down over a window or other opening preventing a tight seam.  A small piece of wood like a Popsicle Stick placed between the Rubber Pad and the part will help in these situations.

  13. When pleased with the part locations, slightly increase tension on the Thumb Nuts to make sure parts are held firm.

  14. The Access Notch(s) milled into the aluminum Base allow access to the backside of the seam to apply ACC or Solvent glues.  Use sparingly as needed to wick into seam between parts and let dry/cure.

  15. HINT:  We suggest not using the super thin type ACC cements as it is hard to control their travel.

  16. HINT:  At the factory, the clamp’s aluminum Base is given a silicone coating to act as a “Mould Release” in case the ACC cement wicks down between the part(s) and the Base. Occasionally applying a very thin film of any type of lubricant is recommended as a preventative measure.

  17. For wood parts or situations where the glue will not wick into the joint, one of the parts can be temporarily moved out of position to apply the glue.

  18. Soldering is best achieved using one of our Combo clamps having Silicone Rubber Pads and a Vice Tab allowing the clamp to be held securely in a vice.

  19. If desired, a Reinforcing Stiffener of similar material can be added through the Access Notch(s) to the seam for extra strength.  The Long Combo Right Clamp has a relief milled into the outside corner of the Base Angle allowing an angle shaped stiffener to be applied to the full length of the parts.

Coffman Truck Caliper

Allows precise measurement of HO truck frames for proper axle/wheel set selection.

2019-11-02 at 18-58-03.jpg

Five different Coffman Truck Calipers now available for use in 7 truck scales.

Left to right: "N" Scale, "HOn3" Scale, "HO" & "Sn3" Scales, "S" & "On3" Scales and "O" Scale.

Since introducing our Coffman HO Truck Caliper we have had requests to produce them for other scales.  Now they are available in 5 sizes for measuring a wide variety of truck sizes.  Please check them out in the product section.

D200, #27.5, 12.28.19, NS,CSX,RockySky -

"Above Board"


A system that allows T-Trak Module leveling from the top of the modules.

   We received a request for a better system of leveling T-Trak modules.  This request resulted in our "Above Board" Screw Sets and Installation Kit.

   Most existing T-Trak leveling screws are tedious, time consuming and difficult to adjust.  The “Above Board” Leveling allows T-Trak module height to be adjusted quickly and easily from above the module.  

  • "Above Board"screws fit the standard ¼-20 T-nuts used on T-Trak modules.

  • Modules are easy to convert in about an hour.  (Our Div-10 group converted 18 modules in about 2-1/2 hrs.)

  • Screw heads remain below top surface of module/scenery.

  • “Above Board” screws resist getting out of adjustment.

  • Nylon feet protect tabletop surfaces.

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